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Randy’s Relics

So many people drive everyday without even noticing the car they’re driving.
To them a car is just a means from point A to point B and a truck is just a means of moving a couch from point A to point B. You’re not that kind of person and neither are we. Just like you, we appreciate craftsmanship, engineering, and the beauty of the classics.

Finding the specific truck you’ve been dreaming of is tough.
It takes a lot of searching to find it. But you don’t have to look alone. Put us on the case and we’ll scour the country, never resting until your taillights disappear into the sunset.

Get to know Randy’s Relics:

Want to know more about the antique trucks we buy and sell? Call Randy’s Relics today at 740-852-9181 for more information about the makes and models we currently have on hand. Or email and let us know what truck is keeping you awake at night.

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